How to Know Man Loves You

Yes, there are signs. Signs which reveal the hidden feelings of a man that are closely guarded and covered under sheets of normalcy. Men are introvert when it comes to expressing their feelings and emotions. And when it is about love, they take forever to say out loud the ‘L’ word. Period. But just because your man hasn’t said it to you verbally, loud and clear, it doesn’t mean that he feels nothing for you. There are many subconscious things that guys do, when in love, that are almost impossible to hide. All you need to do is check for them. If you find your guy revealing to you all of the below mentioned signs and signals or at least most of them, rest assured that he is head over heels in love with you. Just give him some time and clues from your end too, and in no time, he’ll be confessing it all out to you.

How Do You Know If A Man Loves You

Check for his Body Language So what, if he does not say it in so many words, check for his body language and you’ll be able to trace his feelings for you in no time. Some of the sure shot giveaways are his body leans towards you, he grooms himself when you are around, he rarely turns his back towards you, he points his shoulder and pelvis towards you while sitting and he gazes at you more than often.

Eyes – Windows of the Heart When a man is in love, it is his eyes which do the talking. If he constantly gazes at you or maintains an eye contact which is a fraction of a second longer than usual or if suddenly shies away when you look at him directly in his eyes, know that he definitely has his heart fluttering with you around. What’s more, if his eyes sparkle with happiness upon seeing you, you’ve definitely made an impression on him!

Happen To Be Around If you constantly spot him everywhere you go, be it a shopping complex or a coffee joint or even a rock concert, it may be that he is looking for opportunities to bump into you. Don’t get offended. He isn’t trying to invade your personal space. Poor guy, he’s just making an effort to catch up with you as much as possible (because he loves you).

Constantly Connected If he is constantly connected with you through phone calls, chat rooms, sms, emails, instant messages and likewise, you definitely hold a special place in his heart, for no man, unless he is truly interested or in love, would be in constant contact. You need to understand that there are numerous things that are competing for his time but all that he is spending it on is YOU!

Being Playful or Mischievous Don’t be turned off by his mischievous ways and friendly teasing. He is just trying to win your attention using humor and wit. Underneath covered, is his love for you. The teasing is a friendly way of flirting with you. Just check on if he follows the suit with everyone or is it just you? If it’s the former option, then this maybe his modus operandi for flirting with girls, but if it is just you, then definitely there is more to those teasing remarks and gestures.